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What Customers Are Saying About the Advanced Training Class

Training & SupportBy all indications, the Advanced Training Class held in Brooklyn Park in January 2017 provided a valuable opportunity for attendees to expand their knowledge of laser processing with their LASERDYNE systems. Following are comments provided by one of the attendees of the training after about one month following the training.

“…, the class was extremely educational and it was the perfect format where we could discuss advanced techniques and applications and address all of our real world problems. Following are answers to your questions:

What information from the class have you applied since returning home and what has been the result (for example, improved productivity and/or quality) of applying these?

“It wasn’t really any specific topic but after discussing some of our welding applications with Mohammed Naeem, he suggested that I try using nitrogen for a shield gas on our process rather than the argon that we had been using.

It reacted exactly like he said it would and gave us a better, more consistent weld than what we had been getting. Additionally we applied some of the weld ramping techniques that Chris demonstrated and we were able to reduce most of the visual defects at the start/stop point of our weld.

….. I found that the concepts that he described reacted similarly. I had never thought of doing it that way until he demonstrated it and even though (our experience) wasn’t on a fiber laser, the results were exactly what we were looking for. We have essentially eliminated all of the random NDT defects that had to be manually touched up on the weld. I have a few applications that I think would be good for the smart piercing techniques but I haven’t (tested) those yet.

About what capability or feature would you like additional information?

As far as additional information goes, I would say just to keep (us) in the loop as far as new products / machines / technology that’s coming up on the horizon. As we’ve discussed before, we have some older equipment that is going to have to be replaced at some point and we’d like to stay on top of what is available to see if it would be a good fit for us.

Again, I want to express how great the training was. I learned a lot and we are benefiting from it. With the few things that I have implemented after the training, upper management was easily convinced that it was worth the investment to send me there. If you plan on more of these in the future please let me know because I would definitely be interested.”

Based on these and similar comments from other attendees from the USA and Europe, Prima Power Laserdyne will hold another Advanced Training Class on October 17, 18, and 19, 2017 at our facility in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

We are preparing the agenda for the training and want to hear about topics that you would like included. Let us know by sending your comments to

Look for updates about the agenda for the next training class in future issues of this newsletter or simply write to and ask to be notified when new information about the training is available. We hope you are able to attend.


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