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Laserdyne S94P

Want Better Records of Your Laser Processes? Consider SPC Data Acquisition

Laserdyne S94PManufacturers are adopting tools such as the LASERDYNE SPC (Statistical Process Control) Data Acquisition feature in an effort to more thoroughly document and control their laser processes. SPC Data Acquisition, a standard feature of the S94P control, records selected program and process information as a laser processing program is executing.

SPC Data Acquisition involves writing user-specified parameters, including time and date, axes positions, commanded and/or actual laser power, and laser pulse conditions, to a file on the hard disk of the LASERDYNE control.

The G80 command (1) enables the SPC Data Acquisition function and (2) specifies the information to be saved. To save data in a file of your choosing, program G80 ”FNAME”, where FNAME is any desired path and file name accessible from Windows (if no directory is specified, the file is written to C:Cnc-ShareOutput).

The system first goes to the end of that file (if it exists), then writes a blank line, the time and date, and the SPC data specified after the G80 command. Data is written to a ‘Cnc-ShareOutputProcess’ file if a file name is not specified.

In earlier versions of the LASERDYNE LPC software, data to be saved was defined by indicating $ parameters. Data for the parameters in the table below can be saved by programming G80 followed by text containing appropriate $ commands. Text in a G80 block without $ commands is also transferred to the output file. G58 messages can also include $ commands to display data in the S94P message window.

Following are some of the $ parameters associated with G80.

$T Time
$D Date
$E1 Log system errors with time and date
$E2 Log system errors without time and date
$F Commanded feedrate (in inch/minute or mm/minute)
$Vn System variable value (n = variable number)
$P0 Laser commanded power (in Watts)
$P1 Actual power at the laser (in Watts)
$P2 Actual power at workstation (requires optional power meter) (in Watts)
$Q0 Override summary
$Q1 Feedrate override (in %)
$Q2 Power override (in %)
$M M-function report – lists those of the M200 through M211 functions that are ON

In more recent releases of S94P software, man-readable commands beginning with a question mark (‘?’) have been defined. The table below shows examples of these. Note that the relevance of some of the commands depends upon the type of laser included with the system.

For additional information refer to the S94P manual or contact LASERDYNE Sales at

LAS NAME Laser name
LAS_TYPE Laser type number
LAS_DB_REC Database record
LAS_SHUTTER_OPEN 1 if shutter is open
LAS PULSE MODE 1 if laser is in pulse mode
LAS_AVE_POWER Average power
LAS PULSE FREQ Pulse frequency
LAS_SHOT_COUNT Flashlamp shot count
LAS ACTIVE PULSE Active pulse tool
LAS ACTIVE WAVE Active wave tool
LAS SHUTTER OPEN 1 if shutter is open
LAS PULSE MODE 1 if laser is in pulse mode
LAS_DCRAIL1_VOLTS DC Rail 1 voltage
LAS_DCRAIL2_VOLTS DC Rail 2 voltage
LAS_LAMP1_CURRENT Lamp 1 current
LAS_LAMP2_CURRENT Lamp 2 current
LAS_LAMP1_VOLTS Lamp 1 voltage
LAS_LAMP2_VOLTS Lamp 2 voltage
LAS_HIGH_VOLTAGE 1 if high voltage on
LAS LAMP1 POWER Lamp 1 power
LAS LAMP2 POWER Lamp 2 power
LAS_DCLINK1_VOLTS DC Link 1 voltage
LAS_DCLINK2_VOLTS DC Link 2 voltage
LAS_AVE_POWER Average power
LAS_BEAM_DIA Beam diameter
LAS_PULSE_FREQ Pulse frequency
LAS Dl WATER RES Dl Deionized cooling water resistance
LAS_COOLANT_TEMP Coolant temperature
LAS_SECTOR_HGT Sector height
LAS_CT_POS CT CT position
LAS_VSM1_POS VSM 1 VSM1 position
LAS VSM2 POS VSM 2 VSM2 position

An example of a program segment that uses the SPC Data Acquisition features follows:

G80 “0123.DAT” ;save data to Cnc-ShareOutput 123.dat
V35=125.0 ;set process variable V35
G80P/N = 0123 ROTOR ;information to file
G1G91F100 ;define the feedrate
X-1 ;move the X-axis
V1=X V2=Y ;assign the actual positions of the X and Y axes to V1 and V2
G80 ABS POS=$V1 $V2 ;save the actual values of the X and Y axes positions
G80 Variable V35=$V35 ;save the value of variable V35
G80 Feedrate override=$Q1 ;save the value of feedrate override as verification that it was at the correct value
G80 Power=?LAS_AVE_POWER ;save the value of the average laser power

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