Software Features

Laserdyne S94P

Upgrade System 94P software to obtain the most from your Prima Power Laserdyne System

VERSION 2.5.1 Software provides processing improvements with new techniques and improved pulse-shaping capability. The result is the opportunity to reduce part cycle-times, improve efficiency, and provide more real-time capability for laser welding, drilling, and cutting processes.

New processing related support and improvements

  • Added SmartComp™ feature to help correct for part placement or part variation while processing rotary parts on a vertical axis. SmartComp is the latest of the SmartTechnigues™.
  • Enhanced support for the OFC2 ABSOLUTE to keep the welding nozzle properly spaced away from the part surface for optimal laser welding and processing performance.
  • Added capability to mask portions of the process path to ensure that OFC and AFC do not cause the processing nozzle to crash into the part when passing over large holes or gaps within the part.
  • Define pulse shaping on individual pulses and provide exceptional control on the amount laser energy being sent to the workpiece per pulse in real-time.
  • Added capability to speed up a rotary axis over large gaps between holes, cuts, or weld features with the gap speed function. This will shorten the total processing time.

New programming functions and capability

  • Now supporting trigonometry functions for angles defined in both degrees and radians.
  • More easily define spiral patterns with PosiPulse to drill or cut spiral features into a part. Calculating the X-Y-Z position of each hole is no longer required

New function to support factory automation and real-time machine status updates.

  • Added MTConnect agent support to help connect LASERDYNE® machines to the factory ERP systems.
  • Add shortcut keys to improve the editing capability of the part files with Find/Replace capability in the editor dialog function. An example of the window is shown below.

Upgrade System 94P software

Please contact the Prima Power Laserdyne Service and Support Team to obtain the free version 2.5.1 of the S94P software for the your system at


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