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Example of the User Log

Understanding User Logs and Error Logs – by Noah Benson

S94P has several functions, User Log, Error Log, and Error Lookup that can help communication and track production issues. The User Log allows to you write your own notes that are recorded on the machine. You can save your specific comments or notes in the User Log. With the Error Log you can look up the past errors through the error log. Finally, if all you have is the error number you can look up the error number through the error lookup function.

User Log Function

This is a log in the S94P software that can be used to record notes and inform engineers and supervisors of key activities or issues that may occur. The User Log is opened from a button in the Menu page or it can be assigned to the main page using the button manager of S94P. The page is fully editable and can be copied and pasted. An example is shown below in Photo 1.

Example of the User Log

Photo 1. Example of the User Log with notes and key comments for production personnel

Error Log Function

The system records the errors that have occurred during the operation of the machine and are recorded in the Error Log. The Error Log button opens the history of errors of the system. From the menu page on the control display, you can press the Error Log button to get a list of errors, warnings, and informational readings from the system. After an error is cleared, people often misremember the exact wording of the error. Photo 2 below shows an example errors logged from the system.

Error Log

Photo 2. Example of an error log.

Each line notes the 8 digit date (year month date), 6 digit time (24h format), 4 digit error number [xxxx], color code (R Y G L) and error text. The color code notes if it is a system error (R), system warning (Y), informational message (G) or logged event (L). Using this log, you can determine when the specific issue(s) occurred or the frequency of the occurrence of particular error. The error log also notes each time the laser or system is powered up.

Error Lookup

Usually when people report an error, they only give the number. The specific text with the reported error is not always noted. Therefore, we created the error lookup. This is a way to take the error number and lookup the full text and detail of the error message. The error lookup is in the Help menu under F1. By pressing the error lookup button, you will get the error number lookup prompt shown in photo 3.

Error number lookup

Photo 3. Error number lookup prompt.

After inputting your error number, this window closes and the error is given in black on the S94P Help screen. The error number displayed in right column with instruction and text starting in the left column.

Photo 4

Photo 4

The error text is at the top of window, where the list of current errors and messages is displayed. Any further detail or instruction (if present) will be in the space below the list.

While the errors, text, and information in the help menu will vary, the methodology for looking up errors and further information is the same.

If you would like more information or have questions regarding the User Log or Error Log functions, please contact Prima Power Laserdyne Sales at 763-433-3700 or e-mail us at


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