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Laserdyne S94PTwo S94P programming functions – $STOP and $ABORT – are available to halt program execution in case any user-defined condition occurs. These functions have been shown to help minimize production of defective parts that can be caused by the workpiece blank being out of tolerance, fixture being improperly installed, or the operator selecting an incorrect version of the part program.

These commands which are described in Section 5.9.13 of the S94P manual revision 2.2 allow the user to create red errors to halt the program. The $STOP() macro displays a red error message and stops program execution, leaving the program pointer at the next line. In contrast, $ABORT() displays a red error message and aborts the program, setting the program pointer to the start of the program.

The message to be displayed if a prescribed condition is satisfied is enclosed in quotation marks (“”) within parentheses. For example

$STOP(“Hole 34 in wrong position”)
$STOP(“Mapping data indicates that the part is out of tolerance”)
$ABORT(“This program is not to be used for processing the P/N you entered”)
$ABORT(“Fixture not level”)


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