Spare Parts Special Pricing

Savings on Spare Parts for LASERDYNE® Systems

With the current COVID-19 situation affecting many of our customers, Prima Power Laserdyne would like to offer a short-term discount on spare part orders. We understand the challenges and difficulty being experienced by many across the country. We are committed to supporting our customers and helping their operations continue by reducing the costs to have spare parts in their facility for the LASERDYNE® systems.

  • 5% on any spare part order
  • Additional 5% (10% total discount) on any orders over $10,000.00
  • Orders from Recommended Spare Parts Lists over $50,000.00 will receive an additional 5% (15% total discount on the order)


  • Reduce the time-to-repair
  • Maximize productivity and up-time for improved efficiency
  • Ensure the Maintenance team has spare parts and consumable within the facility for a quick response to service requests
  • Eliminate the transportation delay for commonly used spare parts and accessories
  • Save in shipping cost by ordering now – reduce the priority/overnight shipping cost
  • Spare parts are available on site for remote step-by-step repair when outside personnel are not allowed into the facility.

Please contact Prima Power Laserdyne at for quotes or orders.

This offer is good through June 30, 2020.

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