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Laser Processing Improvements With New SmartTechniques

Prima Power Laserdyne Announces Upgrade To System 94P Software – Provides Laser Processing Improvements With New SmartTechniques™

LASERDYNE’S new S94P software includes enhanced OFC2 Absolute. This SmartTechnique™ keeps the nozzle properly spaced from the part surface for optimal laser welding, drilling cutting and processing performance.

New and existing Prima Power Laserdyne System users will find the latest System 94P (S94P) software a major improvement for their laser processing operations.

Prima Power Laserdyne System 94P Software VERSION 2.5.1 is designed to reduce part cycle-times, improve efficiency and provide additional capability for laser welding, drilling and cutting processes.

S94P VERSION 2.5.1 software processing support and improvements include:

  • SmartComp™ addition to the Smart Techniques™ corrects for part placement and part variation when processing rotary parts on a vertical axis.
  • Enhanced support for OFC2 Absolute™ software and hardware making it easier to keep the nozzle properly spaced from the part surface for optimal laser welding, drilling, cutting and processing performance.
  • Enhance crash protection when using OFC and AFC for large holes and gaps within the part.
  • Provide additional enhanced real time precise control of the pulses being sent to the workpiece.
  • Shortens overall processing time when there are large gaps between holes, cuts and weld features.

The S94P Software has new programming capability including support for trigonometry functions for angles. Also, spiral patterns are more easily defined using the PosiPulse™ technique to drill or cut spiral features. Calculating the X-Y-Z position of each hole is no longer required.

The new S94P Software also provides enhanced support for factory automation and real-time machine updates with MTConnect and an interface agent connecting LASERDYNE machines to factory ERP systems.

Version 2.5.1 of the S94P software is now included on new shipments of LASERDYNE® 795, LASERDYNE® 606D, and LASERDYNE® 430 multi-axis laser processing systems. The software is as always available FREE to current Prima Power Laserdyne system users with S94P controllers.

Prima Power Laserdyne is the leading developer of industrial precision laser processing systems for 3D welding, drilling, and cutting. Prima Power Laserdyne systems are in use around the world for processing the most challenging application and materials.


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