Rent or Lease a LASERDYNE® System

Rent or Lease a LASERDYNE® system for your needs

Prima Power Laserdyne is offering a program to rent a LASERDYNE® 795 or LASERDYNE® 430 system at the new facility in Brooklyn Park MN.


Lease a LASERDYNE® 430 system to be installed at your site.

Both are designed to assist with laser processing development and/or short term manufacturing needs.


  • Conduct laser processing development without interrupting production or committing to the purchase of a system.
  • Quickly expand your in-house laser processing capability without using the Capex budget.
  • Work directly with the LASERDYNE Applications Group™ to develop or improve a laser processes, address part quality issues, validate laser parameters, review and validate workpiece fixturing, and improve processing cycle times and system throughput.
  • Process parts on a factory ready LASERDYNE system for process validation and certification of the part, fixture, and program.
  • Process small lot size production runs until business volume supports purchasing a system.
  • Assess the capability of a LASERDYNE product using your tests for any particular laser.
    process, e.g. welding, drilling, and cutting.

Option 1: Rent a system – short term use at Prima Power Laserdyne

  • 100% of rental fees can be applied toward the purchase of a system anytime to a maximum of 90 days from the end of a rental.
  • Assist gas and Applications Group assistance will be charged as used.
  • 1 week minimum per event.

Option 2: Lease a LASERDYNE 430

  • A LASERDYNE 430 is installed at your facility. Training is provided at Prima Power Laserdyne.
  • 90% of lease payments can be applied toward the purchase of the system if the purchase is made 30 days prior to the end of the lease term.
  • Customer is responsible for return shipping, if the system is returned to Prima Power Laserdyne.
  • 3 month minimum to 12 month maximum.

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