Rent or Lease a LASERDYNE® System

Rent or Lease a LASERDYNE® system for your needs

Prima Power Laserdyne is offering a program to rent a LASERDYNE® 795, LASERDYNE® 811, or LASERDYNE® 430 system at the new facility in Brooklyn Park, MN. The rented time on a LASERDYNE® system can be used for small batch process, conducting R&D, or developing new laser processes. The rental fee includes on site assistance and support from the Prima Power Laserdyne Application Engineer.


Lease a LASERDYNE 430, LASERDYNE 811, and LASERDYNE 795. The lease could be structured as an operating lease or capital lease.

Both are designed to assist with laser processing development, provide flexibility for your manufacturing needs, and provide the possibility to purchase the system in the future.


  • Conduct laser processing development without interrupting production or committing to the purchase of a system.
  • Quickly expand your in-house laser processing capability without using the Capex budget.
  • Work directly with the LASERDYNE Applications Group™ to develop or improve laser processes, address part quality issues, validate laser parameters, review and validate workpiece fixturing, and improve processing cycle times and system throughput.
  • Process parts on a factory ready LASERDYNE system for process validation and certification of the part, fixture, and program.
  • Process small lot size production runs until business volume supports purchasing a system.
  • Assess the capability of a LASERDYNE product using your tests for any particular laser
    process, e.g. welding, drilling, and cutting.
  • Process optimization and input from the LASERDYNE Applications Group.

If you are interested in the learning more about renting time on a LASERDYNE® system at the Brooklyn Park Facility or lease a LASERDYNE system for your manufacturing facility, please contact