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Rebuild your LASERDYNE® 890 to the latest Fiber Laser and S94P Controller Software

Prima Power Laserdyne is offering to rebuild LASERDYNE 890s to LASERDYNE 890Rs with the latest fiber laser technology, BeamDirector®, and the S94P controller with the full portfolio of SmartTechniques™. The rebuilt LASERDYNE 890R has enabled the operations team to continue manufacturing (laser welding, drilling and cutting) large parts allowing for faster and more efficient laser processing with fiber laser. The added benefit with the rebuild process is the moving parts (rails, cars, ball screws and motors) are updated.

The fiber lasers provide consistent pulse power and energy stability. The QCW fiber laser delivers maximum peak power equal to 10 times that of average power. The S94P controller delivers precise and controlled pulses for consistent and reliable manufacturing processing. The fiber lasers are more efficient and provide significant cost savings over CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers. I.e. Migrating to fiber laser source eliminates the need for helium gas requirement and lowers the operating cost. The rebuilt LASERDYNE 890 incorporates a rigid base with heavy-duty steel weldment construction and robust motion system with precision machined surfaces, and reliable motion system.

Listed below are added benefits for the programmers and operations.

  • BeamDirector®

    Photo Two: The latest generation of BeamDirector® technology maintains industry leading crash protection in a compact profile that allows drilling at angles as shallow as 10 degrees from the surface throughout the entire work envelope.

    The latest generation of the BeamDirector. It provides rotary and tilt (fourth and fifth) axes of laser beam motion. Rotary (C axis) motion is 900 degrees about the vertical axis while tilt (D axis) travel is ±150 degrees about the horizontal axis.

  • The latest BeamDirector features direct drive design for high accuracy (+/- 15 arc-second), adjustable mirrors for easy and accurate beam alignment, and repeatable, high-assist gas pressure and flow. The high capacity direct drive design eliminates gears and belts for higher accuracy, allowing greater travel and reach over zero offset style wrists. The BeamDirector also provide 2 levels of crash protection. (Photo Two)
  • The S94P control includes the following capabilities and many more:
    • OFC – Optical Focus Control™ for maintaining spot focus accurately to various part surfaces.
    • Automatic Focus Control™ for capacitive part sensing (uncoated metals) creating unlimited “R” axis correction with speed and unmatched sensitivity.
    • CylPerf™ and ShapeSoft™ graphical programming utilities for producing patterns of cylindrical and shaped holes.
    • PresSure™ for control of assist gas pressure from within a laser processing program.
    • Adaptive hole size control, the single best method of producing the highest quality laser drilled holes, ensures hole size and critical flow requirements with minimal operator involvement.
    • SPC Data Acquisition™ monitors and records key processing data used to create each part and records the data in a permanent record.
    • MTConnect™ provides real-time streaming of the process parameters in support of IIoT and Industry 4.0
    • SmartShield™ — provides protection against excessive oxidation in the weld area while also protecting the beam delivery optics with regular, clean shop compressed air. (Photo Three)
    • SmartPierce™ — minimizes spatter and reduces time for piercing in cutting and drilling processes. (Photo Four)
    • SmartRamp™ — eliminates the depression at the end of laser welds. (Photo Five)


Photo Three: SmartShield™ prevents excessive weld oxidation of laser welds while protecting focusing optics.


Photo Four: SmartPierce™ minimizes spatter and reduces piercing time.reduces backwall damage.


Photo Five: SmartRamp™ eliminates depression at the end of laser welds.

Prima Power Laserdyne, LASERDYNE® 890R system provides the newest and widest range of laser processing capabilities to meet and exceed today’s complex part laser processing requirements.

If you are interested in the learning more about rebuilding your LASERDYNE 890R, please contact


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