3D Laser Processing Support

In today’s competitive production environment, you want to use a laser – but need to be confident the process will work for your parts.

Prima Power Laserdyne has over 35 years of laser processing knowledge, experience, and expertise in developing precision turn-key laser systems and processes that solve real-world problems in laser welding, drilling and cutting. We work daily with the widest range of materials from all forms of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Titanium, to Copper and Aluminum.

We deliver more than quality a 3D laser systems. We deliver a complete 3D precision laser processing solution and work with our customers to ensure they have a successful process implementation and quality product. First, we focus on understanding the desired output from the manufacturing process, then build a machine and process program centered on process consistency, reliability, and quality. Final step, deliver a complete 3D laser solution with a fully vetted process ready for the manufacturing organization to turn out high quality components. We focus on enabling our customers to be more successful with their business.

Powerful hardware and software solutions

The LASERDYNE S94P controller software provides unparalleled capabilities in operation multi-axis system (3-7 axes simultaneous motion control) with a wide range of laser options from low to high power QCW and CW options. On top of this, the S94P includes a host of features specific to precision 3D laser welding, drilling, and cutting.

With our applications-inspired capabilities such as LASERDYNE SmartTechniques™, you can be confident that your laser processes are more productive, yield higher quality and more consistent. Some of these state-of-the-art capabilities include: OFC2 ABSOLUTE™, CylPerf™, SmartComp™, ShapeSoft™, and the list goes on. For example SmartTechniques™ improve weld profiles, provide precise control of the laser process, overcome misaligned parts, Control of laser drilling to prevent damage. To learn more about the complete suite of SmartTechniques™ (click here).

With our FASTRIM CAD/CAM software, customer have a complete CAD/CAM package engineered to utilized the capabilities of the LASERDYNE® 795 and LASERDYNE® 430 systems. FASTTRIM also provides offline CAD/CAM and post capability to maximizing the machine utilization.

We turn impossible into possible.

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