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Laserdyne Smart Techniques

Prima Power Laserdyne to Present LASERDYNE SmartTechniques™ at “Lasers for Manufacturing Event” (LME) April 26-27 Booth 117, Cobb Galleria Center, Atlanta, Georgia

Laserdyne SmartTechniques“SmartTechniques™” are exclusive new proprietary features of the LASERDYNE product line that lead to laser processes with capabilities never before demonstrated. Presentation of SmartTechniques will be the main focus of the Prima Power Laserdyne exhibit at LME, “Lasers For Manufacturing Event,” April 26-27 in Booth 117. Example parts, photographs and video will be used to illustrate the capability and benefits of these new features.

Leading the LASERDYNE presentation is Mark Barry, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Prima Power Laserdyne. He reports that “high powered lasers and material processing have come a long way since they were introduced nearly 40 years ago. This can be seen in the LASERDYNE SmartTechniques that lead to laser processes capable of higher throughput, higher quality, and greater flexibility.”

The exclusive LASERDYNE SmartTechniques include:

SmartPierce™ — minimizes spatter and provides higher quality pierce point.

SmartRamp™ — eliminates indentation at the end of laser welds.

SmartShield™ — provides simultaneous shielding of the laser weld and protection of laser systems optics without mixing of the shield and protection gases.

“These SmartTechniques are just a few of the latest innovations of LASERDYNE’S S94P controller used in its 795 and 430 multi-axis laser systems,” reports Mr. Barry. “There are many others which include: CylPerf™, a second generation Optical Focus Control (OFC) for sensing thermal barrier coated surfaces and for optical probing of metallic and non-metallic surfaces, and ShapeSoft™ for producing shaped holes.”

Mr. Barry further stated, “The growth of laser processing in manufacturing has increased the requirement for turnkey systems supplied by a company that can assist end users from product concept through production. For over 35 years, LASERDYNE has been a resource to manufacturers requiring precision laser solutions around the world. Our SmartTechniques are the latest examples of our advanced laser technology and how we bring success to our customers.”


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