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Prima Power Laserdyne Now Registered to the 2015 Version of ISO9001

ISO9001Earlier this year, we reported that the Prima Power Laserdyne Quality Management System (QMS) would be updated during 2016 to be compliant with the 2015 version of ISO 9001 which was released on September 23, 2015.

Following an ISO audit by TÜV SÜD in mid-September, Prima Power Laserdyne is now certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

What is Different in ISO 9001:2015?

The major difference between the 2008 and 2015 versions of ISO 9001 can be summarized in the phrase ‘risk management’.

The 2015 standard makes identifying risks throughout business processes a fundamental requirement. It is integral to all top-level processes and business practices, such as product design and development, production, and customer service and interaction.

By way of contrast, whereas the 2008 version includes corrective and preventive action (reaction to an event or occurrence after it had occurred), the 2015 version requires the business to identify risks that could lead to such events and to develop ways to prevent them from ever occurring. The standard also promotes risk mitigation for creating opportunities to grow the business.

Other changes to the standard make the 2015 version more compatible with other industry quality assurance and risk management standards such as ISO13485 (Medical Devices) and AS9100 (Aerospace and Defense).

Some Things Never Change

One thing has not changed – the Prima Power Laserdyne Quality Slogan – “Making our customers more successful through producing consistent high quality, precision laser cutting, welding, and drilling systems”.


TÜV SÜD is one of the world’s leading technical services organizations and the certification body used throughout Prima Power.

TÜV SÜD was the original registrar for the Prima Power Laserdyne QMS when it was first certified to ISO 9001 in 2009.

For more information about ISO 9001:2015 from the TÜV SÜD website, click here.


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