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Prima Power Laserdyne Building

Prima Power Laserdyne Moves To Expanded New Facilities To Support Growth

Prima Power Laserdyne Building

Prima Power Laserdyne’s new facilities at 7105 Northland Terrace North in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. The new facility includes all manufacturing, engineering, customer demonstration, training and administrative operations.

Prima Power Laserdyne announces the relocation and expansion of its manufacturing and operations center. During the month of February, Prima Power Laserdyne will be moving from the present location in Champlin, Minnesota, to a new facility in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. The new facility includes all manufacturing, research, office, customer demonstration, service, and user training space. The new facility is being converted to the specialized production requirements of the Prima Power Laserdyne systems. The LASERDYNE® machines and Prima Additive DED additive machines will be manufactured in the new facility.

Giovanni Zunino, President of Prima Power Laserdyne, stated, “Prima Power Laserdyne continues to bring new technology into the global Aerospace and the precision laser processing markets. With the continued growth of 3D laser processing, Prima Industrie, our parent company, is investing in Prima Power Laserdyne and the North American operations. It is crucial we maintain our worldwide market leadership in these sectors. An important component is having a facility customized to fully support the domestic and international needs for 3D laser processing and DED additive technology.”

Dr. Aaron Montello, Operations Senior Manager, is quoted as saying, “The enlarged manufacturing space will provide the operations team with the capacity needed to meet increasing demand while also improving operational efficiency. Prima Power Laserdyne is a technology leader and key supplier in the precision 3D laser processing market. Now, including the addition of DED additive manufacturing machine production, we have the space required to support our customers with an even wider range of laser processing solutions.”

The new facility will have dedicated customer service, machine demonstration, and training areas. Mark Barry, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, commented, “Whether the process requires welding, drilling, cutting, or DED additive manufacturing, companies worldwide have depended on our expertise and advanced material knowledge to develop and put into practice a laser solution that helps them be more successful in their business. As Prima
Power Laserdyne continues to develop new equipment and laser solutions, it is essential we have sufficient space to demonstrate and train our customers on the best laser processing techniques and solutions for their processes.” Mr. Barry added, “Prima Power Laserdyne’s 40+ years of material and laser expertise is directly applicable to additive manufacturing. No other company offers the complete range of expertise, knowledge, 3D laser process systems, experience, and capability.” The facility will be open for customers starting March 1, 2020, at the new address: 7105 Northland Terrace North, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55428, USA.

Prima Power Laserdyne has developed proven laser processes for a wide range of materials: nickel-based alloys (e.g. Hastelloys®, Inconels®, Waspaloys®, Haynes®, wrought, cast and single crystal alloys), titanium alloys, stainless steels, high carbon steels, cast iron, hot stamped steel, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, and other specialty materials.

Waspaloy is a registered trademark of United Technologies Corporation
Inconel is a registered trademark of the Huntington Alloys Corporation
Hastelloy and Haynes are registered trademarks of Haynes International


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