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Prima Industrie S.p.A. announces the expansion of operational capability of the US subsidiary, Prima Power Laserdyne.

Prima Industrie S.p.A. announces the expansion of operational capability of the US subsidiary, Prima Power Laserdyne. During the month of February, Prima Power Laserdyne will be moving from its location in Champlin, Minnesota, to a new manufacturing location 8 km away in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. The new facility is 6,000 m2 (64,000 ft2) of manufacturing, research, office, customer demonstration and user training space. The new facility is approximately twice the size of the present location and is being converted to the specialized assembly requirements for the Prima Power Laserdyne. The LASERDYNE® machines and Prima Additive DED additive machines will be manufactured in the new facility.

Gianfranco Carbonato, Chairman of the Board of Prima Industrie stated, “Prima Power Laserdyne continues to be a positive force for our company in the global aerospace market. It is crucial for Prima Industrie to maintain our market leadership in this sector.”

The new facility is a key part of Prima Power Laserdyne’s growth strategy. Enzo Basso, CEO of Prima Power, stated, “With the continued growth of 3D laser processing and DED Additive manufacturing in the Aerospace market, it is important for Prima Industrie to invest in Prima Power Laserdyne and the North American operation. The company is uniquely positioned to provide the market with precision laser technology solutions.”

The custom designed workspace is needed for growth and success in the laser processing market. Giovanni Zunino, President of Prima Power Laserdyne, stated, “The addition manufacturing space will provide the operations team with space needed to meet increasing demand while improving operational efficiency. Prima Power Laserdyne has been a technology leader and key supplier in the precision 3D laser processing market. Now, with the addition of DED additive manufacturing, we have the additional space to support and assist our customers with a wider range of laser processing solutions.”

The new facility will have a dedicated customer demonstration area and training area. Mark Barry, V.P. of Sales and Marketing, commented, “Whether the process requires welding, drill, cutting or DED additive manufacturing, customers have depended on our expertise and advanced material knowledge to develop and put into practice a laser solution that helps them be more successful in the their business. As Prima Power Laserdyne continues to develop new equipment and laser solutions, it is essential we have the space to demonstrate and train our customers on the best laser processing techniques and solution for their processes.” Mr. Barry added, “Prima Power Laserdyne’s 40 years of material and laser expertise is directly applicable to additive manufacturing. No other company offers the complete range of expertise, knowledge, 3D laser process systems, experience, and capability.” The facility will be open for customers starting 1-March at the new address: 7105 Northland Terrace North, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55428, USA.

Prima Power Laserdyne has developed proven laser processes for a wide range of materials: nickel-based alloys (e.g. hastelloys®, inconels®, waspaloys®, Haynes®, wrought, cast and single crystal alloys), titanium alloys, stainless steels, high carbon steels, cast iron, hot stamped steel, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, and other specialty materials.

For more information about Prima Power Laserdyne products and services, call +1 763-433-3700. Email: or visit the website: Fax: +1 763-433-3701. Prima Power Laserdyne 7105 Northland Terrace North, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55428, US


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