Prima Power Laserdyne Value

Prima Power Laserdyne Value

A multi-axis laser processing system that delivers precision and speed along with the needed efficiency for cost competitive welding, drilling, and cutting a wide variety of components

The LASERDYNE® 811 is the most advanced laser processing system on the market and provides optimal performance with the speed and precision required for today’s challenging laser welding, drilling, and cutting applications. The system supports small to medium, 2D and 3D parts with a unique moving beam motion system. Constructed for high-speed operation without compromising mechanical accuracy, it is the first and only standard built multi-axis laser system to guarantee volumetric accuracy and provide seamless integration with a wide variety of automation solutions.

The LASERDYNE 811 accepts a wide variety of industrial lasers for processing common materials and the most demanding applications that use specialized metals, composites, and other advanced materials. The systems are used by industries that value precision, quality, and efficiency. The LASERDYNE 811 is a turnkey systems with the highest value and the most efficient use of floor space in its class, and has been designed to repeatedly produce consistent quality parts for many years.

Medical, aerospace, turbine engine, automotive, and general manufacturing companies around the world look for Prima Power Laserdyne systems. In addition, the LASERDYNE Applications Group™ can develop and provide a process optimize to the application.

Let Prima Power Laserdyne review your application and show the benefits of laser processing and the LASERDYNE 811 system.

Laserdyne 811

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