Laser Process Development

Increased Capacity and Reduced Cost for Laser Application Development Services

As more companies contact Prima Power Laserdyne asking for assistance to address reductions in their work force, machine availability, and to prepare for the future; Prima Power Laserdyne has made the decision to provide additional manpower and systems to the LASERDYNE® Application Group™. This allows the continuation of customer specific process development projects as well as working on customer production problems and process improvements. Many companies are using this unusual event to improve their manufacturing processes and operations, enabling them to be in a position to compete more effectively when the business situation improves.

Prima Power Laserdyne is taking the initiative to further assist by also reducing the cost for Laser Application Development services. As an example the following services are available:

  • Developing laser processes and parameters for welding, drilling, and cutting operations
  • Developing part programs for all LASERDYNE® systems
  • Preparing and testing laser processing coupons and conducting metrology review of the laser process
  • Designing efficient workpiece fixturing with built in quality checks, if appropriate
  • Review existing programs for unnecessary delays or inefficient activity/moves
  • Conducting Design of Experiments for materials and processes
  • Investigating the use of a laser on non-traditional materials
  • Analyze existing processes for potential improvements

Prima Power Laserdyne has over 40 years of building world class laser processing systems, with extensive knowledge and expertise in laser processing. The LASERDYNE® Application Group™ has helped many organizations work through difficult challenges by implementing novel laser processing solutions for a wide variety of metallic and nonmetallic materials. This expertise in laser processing along with the added benefits of new lasers and LASERDYNE control technology can improve quality and reduce cycle times resulting in substantial cost savings.

We recognize the difficult situation regarding travel, plant visits, face to face meetings, and on site reviews. Prima Power Laserdyne Application and Process Engineers are available through a variety of electronic meeting applications to discuss your laser processing needs and improvements. This capability has been expanded to allow remote training sessions.

The goal of Prima Power Laserdyne remains to help manufacturers worldwide in these difficult times with a commitment to help companies be successful in their business and grow their opportunities using precision 3D welding, drilling, cutting and additive manufacturing.

If you are interested in improving or implementing a laser process using Prima Power Laserdyne’s Laser Application Services, please contact us at