Laser Process Control

One of the keys to a reliable and productive laser process is integrated control of the laser, motion axes, assist gas, and process sensors. During development of the first laser system, the LASERDYNE 780, our engineers evaluated several commercially available, industrial CNCs for the system. All were found lacking, which lead to development of the LASERDYNE Laser Process Control (LPC).

The LASERDYNE S94P Laser Process Control (LPC) provides all of the features and capabilities of a multi-axis machine tool control (e.g. G and M codes, subroutines). On top of this, the S94P includes a host of features specific to precision 3D laser cutting, welding, and drilling. These features include many that are simply not available on laser systems that incorporate general purpose machine tool controls.

Software and hardware specific to precision laser processing continues to be a major area of investment for the company. The result has been steady flow of leading edge, applications-inspired capability such as LASERDYNE SmartTechniques™, OFC2 ABSOLUTE™, CylPerf™, ShapeSoft™, and the list goes on.

Here are links to articles about a few of the features for precision 3D laser cutting, welding, and drilling:

Laserdyne S94P

The LASERDYNE S94P makes use of state-of-the-art hardware and laser processing specific software to integrate the laser, motion, assist gas, and process sensors in order to create the most productive laser processes.


Laser Welding 101

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