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Initializing variables on a S94P control with $INIT

Laserdyne S94PThe S94P control has a feature that makes it easy to initialize groups of variables that have the same starting value. The following examples will demonstrate the use of the $INIT macro:

$INIT(0.0, V1, V10, V15)

The first parameter in the $INIT statement is the initial value for the list of variables that follows. In this example, variables V1, V10, and V15 are assigned a value of 0.0

$INIT(2.5, V20..V29, V50..V59)

This example shows how to initialize ranges of variables. In this case, variables V20 through V29 and V50 through V59 have been assigned a value of 2.5

More than one $INIT call may be used, and they may appear anywhere in the main program body and in subroutines.


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