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EBTEC Corporation Major Expansion

EBTEC Corporation, a Division of EDAC Technologies Acquires Three LASERDYNE Laser Machining Systems In A Major Expansion — Provides EBTEC Competitive Advantages With Newest Complex Laser Processing Technology

EBTEC Corporation, a division of EDAC Technologies LLC (Cheshire, CT), has acquired three LASERDYNE Fiber Laser Machining Systems. Once installed at EBTEC’s new expanded 83,500 square foot facility in East Windsor CT, this new laser technology expands the company’s four existing fiber laser system output to meet the growing needs of its aerospace and commercial customers who require complex and high-precision laser drilling, laser cutting and laser welding in fabricated and machined metallic components and assemblies.

EBTEC Corporation Major Expansion

Three LASERDYNE Laser Machining Systems acquired by EBTEC Corporation – a 795XL (left) and two 430 BeamDirector (right) systems.

“To meet these challenges, there are a number of unique capabilities within the three fiber laser systems that EBTEC has acquired,” reported Mark Barry, Vice President of Sales for LASERDYNE. “For example, the LASERDYNE 795XL BeamDirector system with dual rotary tables and 6 axis processing capability is outfitted with a 20kW QCW fiber laser. It adds large part capacity for complex laser hole drilling at angles as shallow as 10 degrees to the surface in uncoated and thermal barrier coated heat resistant materials. This system is also a versatile cutter and welder that fits into the diverse portfolio of parts that EBTEC is asked to produce or provide service on, with very short notice, and lead-time.”

In addition, EBTEC has acquired two LASERDYNE 430 BeamDirector systems. These are smaller footprint systems capable of drilling cylindrical and shaped holes, bevel cutting and welding a wide range of materials similar to the LASERDYNE 795XL system including high temperature nickel alloys, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and titanium. All three systems operate at speeds up to 800 inch/min in the X, Y, and Z axes (0-20 m/min) with bi-directional accuracy of 0.0005 inch (12.7 micrometer) and are capable of processing both thick and thin materials.

Speaking for EBTEC, Mark C. Hauser, General Manager, stated, “The addition of these machines allows us to align with and enhance many of our customer’s technologies. We are positioning ourselves for growth by recognizing and creating solutions to our customer’s needs. The new systems are faster and more dynamic than our legacy technology, giving us the ability to quickly add new and very precise part features to fabricated products.”

Mr. Hauser also stated that these new systems will augment EBTEC’s existing fiber laser processing capabilities with higher-speed, high-precision laser drilling, laser cutting and laser welding. These acquisitions along with the expanded facility are a result of EDAC’s never ending effort to procure the best manufacturing solutions for our customers. “LASERDYNE systems are a fantastic addition to our existing 5 axis laser technology giving us a competitive advantage across a variety of different products. We look forward to introducing this new capability to our current and future customers” added Mr. Hauser.

About EBTEC Corporation and EDAC Technologies LLC:

EBTEC Corporation was founded in 1963, offering high energy beam services of Electron Beam Welding to the aerospace world. The business has grown over the years to what it is now, a leader in the industry for Electron Beam Welding, Laser Welding, Laser Cutting, Laser Drilling, Abrasive Waterjet Cutting (5-axis and 3-axis), Vacuum Heat Treatment, Wire EDM and Fabrication services. EBTEC provides these services to the Aerospace, Power Generation, Medical, Semi-Conductor, and Industrial Marketplaces. EBTEC Corporation Joined the EDAC family of companies in 2012.

EDAC Technologies LLC is comprised of six diversified divisions located in North America. EDAC is a class leading manufacturer of complex precision machined components for use in aircraft engines. EDAC also offers adjacent engine prototyping and out of production spare part solutions to OEM and Tier 1 customers. Additional offerings, not included in the EBTEC manufacturing portfolio, include the design and manufacture of precision molds, fixtures, gauges and grinding machine tools.

EDAC’s expanding diversification in capabilities, products and optimization allows for the agility and flexibility to meet changing customer and marketplace needs. By its unique positioning of offering packaged solutions, the company can delight customers with every order.


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