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Prima Power Laserdyne provides complete CAD/CAM solution through a partnership with CENIT AG.

Prima Power Laserdyne, in close cooperation with Cenit AG, have released an enhanced version of the FASTTRIM CAD/CAM software which takes full advantage of the laser processing capability in the Prima Power Laserdyne systems. The FASTTRIM software is an all in one software solution for Prima Power Laserdyne customers. Customers can use the CAD/CAM software to model the part, define process paths, define feature locations, build part fixtures, and post a program for 2D and 3D laser welding, drilling, and cutting applications. FASTTRIM works jointly with CATIA/DELMIA software solutions, making it a fully functional CAD/CAM solution.

FASTTRIM supports the LASERDYNE® 795, LASERDYNE® 811, and LASERDYNE® 430 system with S94P controller software. Users can take full advantage of the capability and precision laser processing in the LASERDYNE® 795, LASERDYNE® 811, and LASERDYNE® 430 systems. FASTTRIM supports AFC, OFC, welding (with and without wire feed), percussion drilling, hole trepanning, and cutting with QCW and CW lasers.

Benefits of the Cenit FASTTRIM software are:

  • Machine kits with complete models and kinematics for the LASERDYNE® 795, LASERDYNE® 811, and LASERDYNE® 430 using the S94P control software.
  • Welding, drilling, and cutting functions are built into a post.
  • User friendly dialog boxes with tabs and drop down menus allow complete control of the process.
  • Laserdyne specific options are built into the post processer to better utilize functionality in the LASERDYNE systems.
  • Full simulation with collision detection allows the programmer to eliminate potential issues before sending the program to the manufacturing floor.
  • Built in jog, teach, and optimize functions make it easy to manipulate the machine motion.
  • Provides the ability to modify tool paths through sheet offsets, cutter offsets and axis translations.
  • Mirror and duplication functions allow the programmer to be more efficient when programming multiple features that share the same shape. For example, defining the drilling position for hundreds of holes.
  • Auto programming functions to automatically program the part based on geometry of the model.
  • Automatic fixture design and building is available as an option.
  • Full CAD functionality is provided through the Catia CAD software.
  • Supports up to 6 axes simultaneously.

For programmers, FASTTRIM provides the ability to review all changes and undo unwanted changes to accelerate the optimization process. Another time saving feature is the flexibility to import parts through the entire CAD/CAM process making it easier to work with real-time part modifications and changes. With FASTTRIM the process owners and programmers can do the post processing entirely offline from the machine. This reduces the number of interruptions to the production schedule when bringing a new process and part into the production line.

FASTTRIM software is available from Prima Power Laserdyne. The Applications Engineers are fully trained on Cenit and can support the complete process, from modeling to posting the complete program for a part or assembly. With the addition of the FASTTRIM software to the LASERDYNE portfolio, Prima Power Laserdyne has a complete machine and CAD/CAM solution which meet the customer requirements for applications in aerospace, automotive, general manufacturing, and the medical device industries.

Cenit is a global organization based in Germany with 16 offices located around the world and is an industry leader in providing CAD/CAM solutions.

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