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Block Delete Levels

Block Delete Levels

Laserdyne S94PIt is common to use the Block Delete function to prevent the system from using AFC, from firing the laser, or for passing over a row of holes while testing a new program. Until recently there was only one character, “/”, that would activate the Block Delete.

With this single level, it was difficult to use Block Delete for more than one aspect of the program. For example, you were not able to skip either a hole subroutine OR AFC commands – you would have to skip both.

One of the functions of S94P that caught the attention of attendees of a recent Advanced Training Class was that of ‘Block Delete Levels’. The current version of software allows eight independent Block Delete definitions.

A level is declared by noting ~#, where # is a number from 0-7. When using Block Delete Levels, it is best to document the meaning of each level within the program header. For example, following is a program header that enables four Block Delete Levels with the code describing the purpose of each Block Delete Level.

;~0 skips a row subroutine, use to skip an entire row
~0 Q1

;~1 skips a hole subroutine, use to skip a hole
~1 Q50

;~2 disables AFC Codes, G21, G22
~2 G21
~2 G22

;~3 Activate to use scribe parameters not cut parameters
M51M52X0.0002M53X100 PK400 ;Scribe Parameters
~3 M51M52X0.001M53X500 PK1000 ;Cut Parameters

The operator selects the level or levels to be active using the Block Delete Levels panel. Selected Levels will be ignored when the operator activates the ‘Block Delete Levels’ button in the panel or with the soft key that can be added to the console.

Block Delete Levels

The Block Delete character “/” functions as usual in the program and is activated with its separate ‘Block Delete’ button on the upper right side of the panel.

The video below shows an example of a program containing two levels of Block Delete defined by ~1 and ~2. Shown is the ease and various ways with which different Levels are selected or deselected.


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