3D laser cutting, welding, and drilling is made possible by the BeamDirector. In its third generation design, the LASERDYNE BeamDirector is the most compact of any head used for high power laser processing. For this reason, it is also the only head that allows drilling at an angle of 10 degrees off the surface along the entire stroke of the linear axes.

Its direct drive design is the basis for accuracy and unmatched crash protection that protects not only the laser system but also prevents damage to users’ workpieces.

A wide range of standard lens and nozzle assemblies for cutting, welding, and drilling, including right angle assemblies for processing inside compact areas, are also available. These modular assemblies support the inherent flexibility of laser processing and do so economically.

BeamDirector BD3Y

The latest generation of LASERDYNE BeamDirector is the most compact rotary and tilt axes head available today. The BeamDirector is recognized for providing the most comprehensive crash protection featuring the only 2-year, unlimited hours warranty covering crash related damage to the head.


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