• Join Our Team
    Join Our Team
    Prima Power Laserdyne is growing! We need individuals who share our passion for innovation and are willing to work in a complex but fascinating high tech field of precision laser processing with our global customers.
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  • Prima Power Innovation Day 2018
    Prima Power HQTC hosted the first Innovation Day
    New laser-based, application-driven technologies for the Aerospace marketwere presented and demonstrated. Prima Additive brand, focusing on turnkey solutions for additive manufacturing introduced.
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  • Laser Welding 101
    Laser Welding 101 – Overview of Laser Welding
    Brand new 62 page Laser Welding Overview now available!
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  • Laserdyne SmartPerf
    “On-The-Fly” Laser Drilling Of Linear And Cylindrical Patterns In 2D and 3D Parts Easy With SmartPerf™
    SmartPerf ensures higher quality holes, both in terms of metallurgy and geometry, with the benefit of reduced cycle time for “on-the-fly” laser drilling.
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  • Laserdyne SmartShield
    LASERDYNE® SmartShield™ Welding Nozzle
    Simultaneously Protects Weld Zone and Laser Beam Delivery Optics. New SmartShield™ welding nozzle provides protection against excessive oxidation in the weld area, enhancing laser welding capabilities.
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  • Laserdyne OFC2 Absolute
    Laserdyne Introduces OFC2 ABSOLUTE™ Precision Measurement
    OFC2 ABSOLUTE™ is precision measurement for laser processing that provides high (2.5µm) absolute measurement resolution.
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  • Laserdyne ShapeSoft
    ShapeSoft™ for Shaped Hole Machining
    Prima Power Laserdyne’s ShapeSoft™ feature simplifies the creation of programs for producing cone, oblique cone, fan, racetrack and a variety of shaped holes in a wide range of turbine engine components.
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LASERDYNE® precision 2D and 3D laser processing systems are one way we help manufacturers be more successful with their laser cutting, welding, and drilling applications. Most systems can be supplied with a multitude of laser sources including CW and QCW fiber, CO2, and Nd:YAG from CW to femtosecond pulse width.

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